BouJou Tracking & CInema 4D

BouJou Tracking & CInema 4D

So quite a few people have been emailing me about how I did this motion tracking test in Boujou/Cinema 4D. Theres a few tricks to it but instead of sitting here making things a lot harder to follow, I decided I would create my first tutorial for those of you having trouble figuring out how to create a successful track. Check back here for the tutorial in the next week or so. Until then, I will atleast mark down a few of the steps people fumble on.

First things first, make sure your frame rate is exactly the same. Jumping back and forth from Cinema to Boujou will get confusing. Make sure your starting frame is at either 0 or 1 on both Cinema 4D and Boujou. I believe Boujou has a tendency to start off at 0 and export starts at 1. Really confusing when you don’t notice. Another thing to keep in mind is this:

    When you’re in boujou, at the export menu
    Start frame : 0
    Start index : 0
    Use format default: NO

This is one step many people pass by thinking the default settings will work and don’t realize it is their main issue to getting incorrect tracks.
Here is another step that many have a problem with when exporting to Cinema 4D from Boujou:

    In Boujou when exporting C4D type, set ‘Start Index‘ to 0, not to the ‘default‘ (failure to do this can result in the C4D file having the first frame twice, which causes your 3D export to be one frame longer and when placed in your AE comp it will be one frame behind. If you’ve already rendered then just offsetting the layer in AE will fix that issue too.)

    After C4D export, open the *.c4d file in any text editor and correct these fields to look just like this:

    Do a search for “Key -3.141593″
    Change it to “Key 0.00000″
    Change the value directly above that from “Key -0.00000″ to “Key 0.000000″
    Now do a document wide find and replace:

    Find – “ParentItem 10000001″
    Replace with – “ParentItem 10000002″

    This makes all your null objects children of the proper layer – “reference_points” and not the camera

    Save all changes, and close file.

    Now open the file in C4D and all should be correct.

Happy tracking! If you find yourself stuck with the process, send me a message through the Contact page or send me a tweet through Twitter and I will do my best to help. Thanks for stopping by!